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Self Determination through STEM

The W Consulting Group is excited to be a collaborative partner in what we believe will be a transportive initiative. Self Determination through STEM is neighborhood focused project, led by Baton Rouge STEM with philanthropic funding from organizations such as the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation
(HAWF). The project is part of the HAWF’s place-based strategy for a 3 square-mile area in Baton Rouge’s 70802 zip code.



Young Queens and

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As part of our collaboration, The W will provide Entrepreneurship training for individuals who live in the 70802 zip and looking to serve perspective customers in the neighborhood. Participants will attend our 6-session training which will guide them through the various aspects of running a business along with helping them complete a 5-year business plan. In addition to being a resident of the neighborhood, participants must be at least 16 years old. For more information on registering for one of the multiple 6-session classes, click below.

We are also offering our groundbreaking character development program, Young Kings and Queens as part of our collaboration with the Self-Determination through STEM project. Students who participate in this project will receive both STEM training and Young Kings and Queens training. Young Kings and Queens will participants with leadership training, and life skills geared to promote strong work ethics, quality decision making, and self-esteem. Our goal is to see the vast potential in every young person unveiled through hard work and personal development. Young Kings and Queens believes that every student is a leader, and every leader must be developed and cultivated to achieve their desired goals. For more information on registering for one of the multiple Young Kings
and Queens character development sessions, please click below.

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