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Our unique and multi-layered community engagement approach allows for an array of services and options for our clients to select in developing a well-known and recognized brand. We assist our clients in uniquely maintaining their reputation as a premier and widely regarded community partner. Our creative team allows The W Consulting Group to enhance and solidify our client’s engagement and presence in the communities they desire to serve.


In addition, The W Consulting Group offers an array of proven and specialized services that will maximize the full potential of each client we serve, including strategic planning, marketing, tailored communications, small business development, active community engagement, and project management.



The W Consulting Group strives to be the answer in Building Bridges, Connecting Resources, and Developing Opportunity for the clients we serve. We work to ensure that our client’s name and brand are interwoven into the culture of the communities they serve, and their company’s brand is widely known and respected. The W Consulting Group is eager and excited to work with your business or organization. We prioritize excellence, efficiency, and effective delivery of services to each of our clients.


The W Consulting Group has established a foundational methodology utilizing a strategic four-pronged - A, B, C, D success model.

It is the mission of The W to:  

•   Be the ANSWER for our clients by utilizing a diverse approach in providing solutions to meet each of our client’s specific needs.

•  BUILD BRIDGES through community engagement, relationship building, and leveraging strategic networks.


•  CONNECT RESOURCES by linking community investments, employer to employee relationships, strategic philanthropic partnerships, and specific community building opportunities.

•  DEVELOP OPPORTUNITIES by creating and growing successful entrepreneurs, providing sustainable community economic impact opportunities, creating access for community and economic empowerment, and establishing relevant training models for building and preparing qualified, trained, workforce partnerships across the United States and abroad.

Building Bridges

Connecting Resources

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Developing Opportunity

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